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Miguel Alarcón

Miguel Alarcón Gutiérrez, been born in 1965, is formed in administration of companies, although it also has received knowledges in Biology, Computer and Clinical Hypnosis by the Technical School of Hypnosis and the Society of professional hypnosis.
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After working in the Airport of Barcelona exerting diverse technical functions, founded his first small company devoted to the microinformática, forming part of a big chain to national level.

Later it occupied diverse places of aide and consultor in computing in diverse companies of the sector working in nets and in documentary management.

Subsequently also it has occupied the places of manager of general accounting and of the department of personnel in other companies of the Baix Llobregat until finally, and like consequence of his vocation of help to the other has founded the Centre Magna where exerts like Director and Hipnoterapeuta. At present, Centre Magna finds situated in Main Barcelona.

"I tambien was smoker"

To the 16 years began to smoke regularly the fashionable tobacco, "fortune", and the reason by which did it is because they did me think that this turned me into more main and integrated me better in the group. Had the luck to quit smoking in 2004 and was a really hard experience, full of suffering but at the same time of pleasure and pride.

The process to quit smoking came subsequently to having seen like my own father died consequence of the sequelas of the tobacco, a person with a healthy behaviour in general, that never was able to achieve release of that poisonous drug that he same considered a pleasure.

Once surpassed the process to quit smoking that it supposed me the increase of more than 13 kg of weight, proposed me find a system to help to the people to achieve it suffering less and like this arrive to the hypnosis with which reduced the weight to levels more suitable and in which I found a tool super effective to help to quit smoking.

For the time being, with my experience and the one of a lot of smokers that have quited smoking by his means but with my help, have a system that have called the method Magna that it is is really very effective since it averts the recaidas. When a person, goes back to smoke after having it left with nuetro method, quickly has resources that help him to go back to leave it with ease.

Now I seat me really very helping to the people to surpass the addictions, because the method has been able to adapt to other addictions and prompt a lot of people go to be benefiting of this.

Titularity Centre Magna: Miguel Alarcón Gutiérrez, NIF 38434300N
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