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Quit smoking with hypnosis

How it would be your life if you quited smoking?

We know that you wish to quit smoking and his profits: Healthlibertymoneyfitnessimagesmellquality of lifetime... Quit smoking is an important decision that will mark your life in positive although up to now you have sucumbido in the attempt. 
A method thought to quit smoking and based in the experience

Through the experience have found a system that rebosa quality and efficiency, what does that the method Magna was an inestimable help.  The hypnosis is the guinda of the cake, but there is something more: Knowledge, experience, feedback, direct deal, listen to the client and ours better intention: That you quit smoking for ever.

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It quits smoking with the method Magna of hypnosis!
How much more have to spend expecting to exert your decision? It is necessary enfermar? It is necessary to receive a bad news to quit smoking? It gives you fear quit smoking? And leave to eat chocolate or another thing that like you a lot? Which is the difference among leaving a thing and the another? We help you to understand it everything. 

It protects your health and to your family of the tobacco!
With a complete treatment in a session of tall quality (sometimes 2). It consists in an alone visit of 2 hours or can choose preparante previously in an additional previous visit. 
We listen your peculiarities and offer you the possibility to make the treatment in your language:  In Spanish or in Catalan.

Our method is serious, complete and accessible for you. Much more that hypnosis and treatments aversivos. Without commonplaces. I also went smoker.

What is to smoke?

Smoke is an addiction, produced by an included drug in the cigarettes. If you take the decision have all our support to achieve it with seriousness, with all the explanations that need. In Centre Magna help you to take out the best of you and to quit smoking if that is your desire. Your case is different to the of others, but very alike.

You have all the necessary resources and with the mental rescheduling that supposes the hypnosis of the method Magna and the professional advice go to be able to reduce to the minimum all the annoyances like the monkey, the anxiety, the hunger, the irritability, the fear...Giving you the necessary options for the success.

Method Magna, gives you the necessary push so that you quit smoking.. 
With the method Magna of hypnosis reduces to the minimum the time of deshabituación, of detoxication and in a lot of cases the process makes without any type of annoyances. It remembers that you are not a robot and that to quit smoking is necessary to want to do it and have a reason or motive.
Reservation now by your health, still are to time. It recovers your liberty. 

Special prices if you come 2 or more people at the same time

Politics of returns

Dejar de fumar con hipnosis

Method Magna quit smoking in group

1 seminar of 2 hours. It includes 1 sesion of hypnosis. Grabaciónes Of reinforcement. The client quits smoking in the first session (is not progressive). Support to the client. If recáes before 1 year repeat it to you without cost. 
Included VAT
Dejar de fumar con hipnosis

Method Magna quit smoking individual

1 Visit of 2 hours 1 alone day. It includes 1 sesion of hypnosis. Recordings of reinforcement. Support to the client. It quits smoking in the first session (is not progressive).
Dejar de fumar con hipnosis

Quit smoking in the companies

The consumption of tobacco is forbidden by law in the field of the company. What can do if the workers smoke?

Dejar de fumar con hipnosis

Quit smoking + tall anxiety impact

The option if you suffer anxiety: Quit smoking Individual + Session Tall hypnosis Impact
Dejar de fumar con hipnosis

Quit smoking + thin

The pack complete: Quit smoking individual + Method Magna to thin digital.
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